Double Stroller Shopping Experience

Our stroller shopping experience can only be described as that of the car buying experience. Luckily, when we had Liam, our extremely generous family members researched, procured, and gifted us an amazing Chicco travel system. However, when it came time to find a double stroller, we were on our own.

I spent copious hours researching and comparing double strollers online. What could we afford? Did we prefer tandem or side-by-side? Did we want a compatible travel system? Did we want something for all terrain purposes or just everyday use? The list went on and on.

We narrowed the list down to three viable candidates, the Contours Options Elite at $400, the Britax B-Agile Double Stroller at $450, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT at $579.

High-fives all around for getting that far! But online research was not the only thing required. Physically going into the store to give these puppies a whirl was in order. My experience with each of our top three is outlined below:

Contours Options Elite

Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller-a tandem double stroller built on an aluminum frame. Originally, what drew us to the Countours stroller was the fact that it can be configured up to SEVEN, that’s right seven different ways to accommodate our growing clan. However, upon further inspection, the stroller itself (without children) was awkward to close and store, and very heavy; 34lbs to be exact. This does not seem like a lot at first glance, but when trying to lift an awkwardly shaped form 3ft off the ground into an SUV, 34lbs might as well be 100lbs for me. Furthermore, I learned that the stroller is only designed to hold children up to 40lbs per seat. Our 39lb, 40”, 4 year old son still wants a seat in a stroller when out on long excursions. During our “test drive” he was having difficulty getting into some of the seven configurations, and I was definitely struggling to help him out.


Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

This is a side-by-side option built on an aluminum frame. I have a few friends who own the Britax B-Agile single stroller, and had heard nothing but good things from them. So, naturally, we had to look into the double version of this stroller wonder. We were pleased to learn that our existing Britax infant car seat would be compatible with the Britax B-Agile Double Stroller. Also, this stroller weighed in at only 26lbs. However, when I sat my two children (ages 2 and 4) in the stroller, I was disappointed to see how small each seat actually was and how little head/leg room there was for each child. Although each seat was capable of holding up to 50lbs, the stroller overall seemed miniature, weighed down, and was difficult to push around once the children were seated.


Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller

A side-by-side stroller built on an aluminum frame. This stroller caught our attention when we noticed that the wheels were slightly different than the ones on the other two; they were rubber, all terrain wheels with a front wheel suspension system. A sales associate explained that we could take the stroller through gravel, grass, and other rough terrain without damaging it. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller weighs in at 32lbs and has a seating capacity of 50lbs per seat. However, unlike the Britax B-Agile, there is significantly more head and leg room for older and/or taller children. When I sat Liam and Emilia in the stroller, I was shocked at just how easy the stroller was to maneuver and how light it felt. The all terrain wheels and suspension system made pushing the stroller feel like cutting into butter. Also, the quick fold feature to close and store the stroller is simple and effectively lays the stroller in a flat, easy to maneuver manner. Although the stroller itself weighs 32lbs, I found it easier to lift into my SUV than the Contours Options Elite.



In the end, we decided to purchase the Baby Jogger City Mini GT, and I must say it has been a life changer for me.

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We are an active family, even in the winter. We like to go outside and explore when we can, so the all terrain wheels were a huge selling point for us. The stroller has allowed me to continue going on long walks through the tough winter months with our golden retriever, Sadie. And it has also provided me with the freedom to stay in one place longer, as there are two large, comfortable seating options for my growing tots. The stroller is 29.75” W, and is designed to fit through standard doorways (30” and up). I haven’t met a door yet that I haven’t been able to get through!

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My husband and I were also pleased with the wide range of accessories available for this stroller. Sometimes, I don’t like bringing my entire diaper bag or purse with me on every outing, so the Baby Jogger Parent Console serves as a great hands free storage option. Big enough to fit my phone, an extra diaper, and hold my morning coffee=win! I was also satisfied with the Comfy Baby Rain Cover, which provides my babes with protection from the elements during our walks with Sadie. No more tears about wind being in their faces, or excuses not to go out because of a drizzle (woo!).

The only downsides I found with this stroller are the price (it was at the top of our budget) and the basket. Although the basket at the bottom is large and spans the width of the stroller, it is difficult to access your items as the seats are directly on top of it, and the frame runs through the back center of it. But, we have had the Baby Jogger City Mini GT now for a year, gone through each season with it, and have been overall satisfied with our decision.

I would highly recommend this stroller if you are an active family, or if your kids are on the older/bigger side and still want a place to sit down. Worth the money!

Written By:

Amanda Cifuentes Walchli

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