I have started this collection because I have found myself in a new, seemingly permanent role; the stay at home mom.

After jumping off the corporate ladder completely on June 6, 2014, I went right into my new position as a stay at home mom to my two year old son, Liam. At this time I was also six months pregnant with my daughter, Emilia. My decision to stay at home full time with my children did not happen over night, and in fact it wasn’t even something that I wanted to do initially. Instead, the feeling crept over me slowly until it planted itself into my mind as a firm and definite decision.

My first pregnancy was not planned, but happened under the best of circumstances; he was a true surprise. It was the summer of 2011, it was my last few weeks as an undergraduate at DePaul University (go Blue Demons!), and I had just accepted an offer for a full time position at a Chicago based consulting firm. It was a whirlwind ride-literally. I spent my nights and weekends cruising on the back of my then boyfriend, now husband’s, Yamaha R6. A minute later, we were engaged. And a hot second after that, I was pregnant. That tiny little plus sign was a monolith as I stared at it in my bathroom. It was one of those things that “splits your life—there’s a before, and after”.

So, this is where my after starts. With two children under my belt, one on the way, and a 180 degree lifestyle change, I started Candid Mommyhood. I plan to explore several parenting topics, share the ins and outs of our daily life, discuss my favorite product picks, and everything in between. My goal is to add my perspective to an age old field. And hopefully along the way, others may relate, or perhaps learn something new.

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As always, I appreciate your time, feedback, and support! Thank you!

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